YEAR | 2018

The world we are in is increasingly global. People move in space like never before. More and more people are born in one country and decide to move to another. Whether it is to escape a war or catastrophe, or to seek better living conditions, or simply to experience a way of being in a different life or culture.


These movements emphasize the need for integration and adaptation, both for those who arrive in a different place and for those who massively welcome people from different cultures.


Becoming aware of the fact that cultural contexts change the way we perceive and experience our lives promotes the openness of our mind and heart. It makes us more tolerant and encourages an immediate and superficial non-judgmental attitude of the other.


Today, Lisbon is an exemplary city of what we refer to par excellence. Therefore, it is an exceptional stage for creating a prototype that enables us to meet these new realities.


The “Cross Culture - Lisbon” Project consists of holding monthly sessions, bringing together people from different cultures, regardless of their age or life experiences, to discuss a specific theme, with the aim of:


  • Create a space for living and sharing alternatives to which society generally has access, without having to travel.


  • To understand how certain themes are lived / perceived within different cultures versus how each individual lives the same themes within their subjectivities.


  • Run a prototype.


This project is promoted by Between in partnership with Resistência Bar - host entity, which gives the space and warmly welcomes us.


“Cross Culture - Lisbon” is managed by Soraia Fonseca, Jonatan Israel and Maria Coelho Rosa.


If you would like to be invited to “Cross Culture” events, please email us at: